▲YOU NEED TO STOP | Robert Downey Jr

New promo picture from the Judge (x)

New promo picture from the Judge (x)

I know what it’s like to look for a definitive answer, even when you know that none exists. You’re trying to make sense of this tragedy. You’re reaching out for meaning, but the wrong thing is reaching back. 

I get the most sudden gigglefits when I think about RDJ and I don’t know why.

I was so nervous for Finch even though I knew the Machine wouldn’t deliberately cause him harm…it just looked so much like a scene out of a horror movie, and that strange drawing that led him there only reinforced that thought.


Autumn  by Erhan Asik


Gifset to the audiofic

AU in which the bomb exploded. And Finch knew that he can’t defuse it when against all John’s orders he went to the rooftop. If Harold and John have to die, the do it together. Please.